Hiram Cruz Gets Featured in Dubai Art Exhibition

Hiram Cruz once again makes headwind by being selected to display his work at RAW Coffee's 'Peace' art exhibition




At a time when there is so much uncertainty in the world, the theme for this RAW Coffee art exhibit was 'Peace'–– and rightfully so.

Along with 13 other artists from Dubai, Hiram contributed to the call for peace by creating a unique digital illustration canvas called 'Care'.

"Peace starts with care. And if we cannot care for ourselves, then it will be difficult to care for others. We must learn to care, and teach the younger generation to care as well, if we want peace to last." said Hiram as he presented his work to his peers and attendees of the exhibit. 




The illustration shows an elderly woman caring for a young woman by cleaning her hair and giving her a spiritual message with flowers and scents. The young woman's torso is left empty, but is slowly dripping with emotions of love and care displayed by the vibrant colors and pattern of flowers. 

Hiram's artwork caught the eyes of many who attended the exhibit as well as the visitors of the coffee shop. In fact, it caught the eyes of RAW Coffee's Owner and Managing Director, Kim Thompson, and the canvas was sold before the exhibit even officially opened! 



Lastly, there is another element that hasn't been mentioned about Hiram's 'Care' canvas–– and that is the A.R. (augmented reality) component to the illustration. 

As a way to continue to improve and challenge himself, Hiram created and published an AR experience using Spark AR and is now LIVE on Instagram for the public to use. Here's a sneak peek at what the AR experience looks like–– click here to see the AR experience (must be logged in to IG).




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Hiram Cruz art

- Hiram Cruz