Hiram Cruz Gets Featured In RAW Coffee Art Exhibit During Quoz Arts Festival

Hiram Cruz was recently selected out of a group of other artists to display his work at RAW Coffee's 'Psychedelic Surrealism' art exhibition during the Quoz Arts Festival in Dubai. 


His latest work, Emirati Surrealism, was chosen and displayed for all to see and enjoy inside of RAW Coffee Company as visitors attended and sipped on Dubai's finest coffee.  RAW Coffee Company is a local coffee company located in Dubai and is internationally recognized as the Specialty coffee industry leaders for the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region. With proven experience and dedication to the coffee industry, RAW Coffee is leading the way and opening the doors to local talent by allowing selected artists to take part in their art exhibitions.  

Emirati Surrealism by Hiram Cruz



'Psychedelic Surrealism’ for Quoz Arts Festival

Hiram Cruz's artwork was selected as one of the Top 10 Beautiful Artworks under the exhibition's theme.




This latest accomplishment proves that The Art of Hiram Cruz continues to evolve and be versatile to adapt to various themes and concepts. Be sure to follow Hiram and RAW Coffee Company on their social channels to see their latest projects and news!  


The Art Of Hiram Cruz

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